Sunday, November 30, 2008

Our culture's attitude towards "holy days"

A shop worker was trampled to death when hundreds of American bargain hunters stampeded through the doors at the opening of a superstore sale this morning.
The stock clerk was bowled over as he tried to hold back the unruly crowds.
As he gasped for air, witnesses said shoppers swarmed over him, stepping on him and pushing him back down as he tried to get out of the way.

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Man in critical condition after standing up to teen gang who vandalised his car

See, in the UK all you can do when attacked is get beat up, hope to God someone gets you to a hospital, then hope the police actually do something, then hope that the thugs don't come back and beat you up for turning them in in the first place.
And people think we're somehow less civilized because we want to be armed? Here's an odd coincidence - it is true that a lot of us (Americans) "cling to guns and religion". It is also true that most Brits do not cling to either. Isn't it ironic? I think I'll continue to be a Clinger.
(Not like Corporal Clinger either.)
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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Yet Another Music Snapshot (Y.A.M.S)

Long White Cadillac - Dwight Yoakam
Leave Virginia Alone - Rod Stewart
Running On Faith - Eric Clapton
Don't Let It Bring You Down - Annie Lennox
Fortunate Few - Delbert McClinton
Go Down Easy - Dan Fogelberg
Unbelievable - Craig David
One Moment More - Mindy Smith
Breathe - Anna Nalick
Watching the River Flow - Bob Dylan
(Hon. Mention: London Bridge - Fergie. I was in the car with my 16 year old niece and when the song came on I started kinda grooving a bit, which she thought was cool and encouraged me to work on my . . . "boo-tee-pop". So I am. And if I may say, I'm getting to where I can, how do the kids say? "Drop it like it is hot.")