Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dear Bitter Anonymous

Friend, you've clearly had a much more difficult existence than I have, either that or you're in the final stages of tertiary syphillis and your mind is losing its grip. In any event, I wish you well, 'cause anything you get is better than what you are offering up.

(While you're at it, dude, LTFU!)


Anonymous said...
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Mister Jimmy said...

Mod note: I originally was not going to publish this comment, but I felt it important for people to see an example that exactly proves my point about Bitter Angry Whiners.
Notice the language, in other quarters this would be called "hate-speech", but those same people feel free, even comfortable directing it at anyone who disagrees with them. Such is the history of the world, especially for Bitter Angry Whiners.