Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Pleaders

PBS insists they only "come to you a couple of times a year". But kids, this is becoming more like every couple of months. On May 31 of this year I made a personal note that "they're at it again, they are doing the doo-wop program which means we'll be seeing Danny what's-his-face again along with the dredged-up pop stars from the 70s."

And less than two months later we've got yet another broadcast of tired British pop-star recycling. Eric Burdon has a great voice but he looks more like one of the Little Rascals at a reunion than a pop icon. He's nearly as wide as he is tall and he looks like he's about five feet tall. And every time they get these people together their voices are weak and often off-pitch.

People please. I'm not sure if I should give PBS money to stop this crap or if that would only encourage them.

So if the pattern holds we should see something along these lines again around mid-to-late August.

I will keep up with this.

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Chris said...

It's time for PBS to go commercial. If the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, and A&E can make it, so can they.